Rosie Drinkwater

Meet Rosie Drinkwater, a distinguished Specialist Support Coordinator and Psychosocial Recovery Coach with a passion for making a meaningful impact. Armed with a Bachelor of Psychology, Rosie brings a wealth of academic knowledge and a deep understanding of the intricacies of mental health.

Rosie’s expertise shines as an experienced Specialist Support Coordinator (SCOS), where she navigates the complexities of individualised care with finesse. Her dedication to the field is evident in her commitment to working with individuals facing complex mental health challenges. Rosie goes beyond the conventional, embracing the dynamic role of a Psychosocial Recovery Coach.

In her hands, the journey to recovery is not just a process; it’s a collaborative and empowering experience. Rosie finds joy in helping individuals overcome obstacles and achieve milestones, tailoring her approach to each person’s unique needs. Her empathetic nature, adept problem-solving skills, and professionalism make her an invaluable asset to those she supports.

Rosie Drinkwater isn’t just a professional; she’s a kind, warm-hearted team player. Her collaborative spirit ensures that she not only understands the needs of her participants but actively works towards delivering excellent results. Her journey as a Specialist Support Coordinator and Psychosocial Recovery Coach is marked by a genuine passion for enhancing the well-being of those navigating the intricate landscape of mental health.

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